MEDICA - International Medical Trade Fair at Düsseldorf, Germany in November 2019

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2019 MEDICA exhibition

Where healthcare is going!

MEDICA, the leading international trade fair for the medical sector, invites you to Düsseldorf / Germany from 18 - 21 November 2019. Be part of the No. 1!

MEDICA is the world’s largest event for the medical sector. For more than 40 years it has been firmly established on every expert’s calendar. There are many reasons why MEDICA is so unique. Firstly, the event is the largest medical trade fair in the world – it attracted more than 5,100 exhibitors from 70 countries in 17 halls.

Furthermore, each year, leading individuals from the fields of business, research, and politics grace this top-class event with their presence — naturally alongside tens of thousands of national and international experts and decision-makers from the sector, such as yourself. An extensive exhibition and an ambitious program — which together present the entire spectrum of innovations for outpatient and clinical care — await you in Düsseldorf.

Our products are able to process various materials whatever are micro-thin, super-long, super-thin, super-wear-resistant, top complex, and combine profile, will provided with perfect cutting quality and tolerance of dimension fine to±0.0005mm(±0.05um), and a high-efficiency & low-cost application we deliver to you!


According to drawings or samples, we can customize CNC precision knife moulds, forming fixtures, brazing fixtures, wear-resistant parts, high-precision accessories by (3DX technology) profile, super-hard, super-fine grinding with ceramics, tungsten steel, diamond, ultra-high anti-rust high-hardness high-toughness stainless steel, titanium alloy, titanium and other series.


In addition to the professional "MEDICA Forums and Conferences" have become an integral part of the trade fair. Six forums and several special shows on varied medical-technological topics are concisely presented in the halls as an attractive complement to the trade fair. E.g. MEDICA ECON FORUM, MEDICA HEALTH IT FORUM, MEDICA CONNECTED HEALTHCARE FORUM with MEDICA App COMPETITION, MEDICA TECH FORUM, MEDICA LABMED FORUMund MEDICA WOUND CARE FORUM.

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virtual.MEDICA + virtual.COMPAMED win audiences over with their high degree of international resonance

They provided important stimuli for the healthcare economy and there is keen anticipation for the reunion in Düsseldorf in 2021

For the first time in the history of MEDICA, the world-leading medical trade fair, and the industry’s number one platform for the suppliers of the medical technology industry, COMPAMED, held from 16 to 19 November 2020, took place entirely online due to the pandemic - but still won over their audiences due to their high degree of international resonance in this format too, as virtual.MEDICA and virtual.COMPAMED. Despite a very short registration period, a total of over 1,500 exhibitors took part, hailing from 63 nations. They displayed a huge variety of innovative products, amounting to over 18,300 items, in their online showrooms, and presented live programmes for the healthcare community in over 100 web sessions, which hosted 300 participants at their peak. The community showed avid interest in their droves: Over 45,000 professional visitors (unique users) from 169 nations used the virtual offers and generated 405,000 page impressions. International online visitors to the event made up 78% of the attendees.


Foreign trade direct line:+86  21 5032 7060 / 86  21 5032 3788
(MP/Wechat)Whatsapp:  +86  18721719909 / 86 15618238306
Holiday emergency call & WeChat:  +86  13122636618
E-mail:   zq@50323322.com
Add.:   NO.1269 Plant, Jinhu Road, Jinqiao Export Processing Zone,Pudong New District, Shanghai, China.

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